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Maritime Device

For a long time, marine application mainly use touch buttons or resistive touch screen because of much interferences for capacitive touch screen. After a long period improvement for capacitive touch screen anti-interferences ability, we have been able to provide reliable sunlight-visible solutions with support touch with salty water for some customers


The industrial application covers a wide range of products, and it‘s also the most challenging industry for touch screens. Almost all industrial products require high accuracy, high reliability and high safety. Moreover, the application environment of industrial products is complicated, and there will have some power supply interferences, electromagnetic interferences, and conducted interferences. Also, most of industrial touch screen has special requirements with water, thick gloves and thick cover lens touch support.


For home automation, JuTouch touch screen mainly used for smart home appliances, intelligent security, intelligent lighting, smart doors and windows, etc. With cooperating with some home automation projects in these years, it has accumulated a wealth of industry experience, and can further understand the customer’s product characteristics and requirements and provide the customization service accordingly.


In the medical field, instruments must operate safety and reliably while weathering the rigors of hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, medical wards, and nursing homes. JuTouch Medical and Healthcare Touch Solutions possess the functionality and quality to provide patients and medical professionals with the performance they demand in an environment.